MAC – Multnomah Arts Center Instructors

Gage Mace

Art – Drawing & Painting

Gage Mace always drew and painted as a kid but didn’t get serious about studying art until his early thirties. At that point, he looked for a teacher and was lucky enough to study with Norwegian painter Jan Saether at his Bruchion School in Los Angeles. For four years, Gage studied drawing and painting exclusively. Since moving to Portland in 1990, Gage has exhibited in many venues and received a number of commissions, including one from Portland developer Homer Williams to paint the “Go by Streetcar” building when it was first built. Gage has painted jazz musicians live in clubs and loves to paint plein air on city streets or out in the landscape with its challenges of changing light.

Gage’s arc as a painter has gone from a fairly tight realism to a much looser style, though sometimes the demands of a commission will bring him back to a higher degree of realism. He’s tried to share what he’s learned through teaching painting at Hipbone Studio, at his own studio, and for the Education Department at the Portland Art Museum. Gage has been teaching painting and drawing on a regular basis at MAC since 2000. If he had a one-line philosophy as a painter to pass on to his students, it is that painting is about the paint. Gage’s strongest desire is to share his love of the painting and drawing craft with students and hope that they discover as much joy in their own art as he has in his.