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Jane Charl: “A Crack in The Concrete Where A Wildflower Grows” – Repurposed Found Object Artwork

Al Crane: “Temporary Nature: Double Exposures” – Photography

Exhibit: July 1 – August 6, 2022
Artist Reception: Thursday, July 7, 7:00-9:00 pm

The Multnomah Arts Center is proud to present a combined exhibition of works inspired by nature, but with different perspectives. The exhibition which runs July 1 – August 6, 2022, features works by Jana Charl and Al Crane. Jana Charl’s sculptures reflect upon both the whimsical and the discarded, finding beauty in items thrown away. Al Crane’s photographs explore double-exposed images (created in-camera) that reflect nature in a metaphorical way. An opening reception will be held in the gallery Thursday, July 7, 2022 from 7-9pm. The Multnomah Arts Center is located at 7688 SW Capitol Hwy in Portland.

Jana Charl’s creative practice involves exploring a variety of media and techniques around testing the boundaries of what defines contemporary art, including the blurring of the traditional lines dividing craft, commercial art, and fine art. She is inspired by raw materials, experiences, and everyday observations that she encounters. Sourcing supplies for her work typically involves the participation of the surrounding community. In this exhibit, A Crack in The Concrete Where A Wild Flower Grows, Jana collected elements from a dumpsite on the remote ranch where she currently resides, along with offerings from ranch workers and other members of the local community. These discarded items, with useful lives that are no longer apparent and wild flowers are the common threads weaving the body of work together. Meaning is derived from both the inherent histories of the components, as well as her use of wordplays to address current topics, such as “Mass Flowers” instead of mass shootings.

Al Crane is a photographer from southern Oregon who has been making images for 40 years utilizing traditional film techniques and digital media. His most recent work is a series of nature-based, in-camera double exposures produced with a digital camera. The process, which is similar to making double exposures with film, involves layering one exposure over the next, with the dark shadow areas of one image being filled with the lighter areas of a second exposure. Recording the images in-camera (versus a composite in Photoshop) allows for a certain spontaneity that leaves some aspects of the photograph to chance. This helps to move the resulting image from a simple record of physical reality toward a more metaphorical expression. With this body of work, that message is related to impermanence and the human connection with the cycles of nature.

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