Multnomah Arts Center Association

MACA’s Mission

To advocate for equity and access to arts education.

About the Multnomah Arts Center Association

The Multnomah Arts Center Association (MACA) is an all-volunteer 501(c)(3) non-profit organization which supports the vibrancy and health of the Multnomah Arts Center. Since 1983, when MAC relocated to the former Multnomah School, MACA has gradually grown into a strong friends group that provides critical fundraising and advocacy.  MACA enhances the Center by raising money to assure programs and instruction are of high quality, are affordable and accessible. To reach these goals MACA provides scholarships, supports community engagements efforts, and provides specialized arts equipment and facility improvements that enhance the quality of teaching and learning for students, instructors, and the community at-large.

MACA Board

The all-volunteer board passionately believes that community art education is an essential ingredient in a thriving culture and that our community’s future is strengthened though its work. In support of this belief, all board members also donate to MACA at a level that is significant to them.  We thank them for their commitment to MAC’s work in the community.

Board of Directors

Kathleen Madden, President
Gordon Campbell, Chair
Bethany Small, Secretary
Marci Clark, Treasurer
Glenn Decherd
Jerry Harris
Nancy Truman

MACA Resource Council

The Multnomah Arts Center Association’s Resource Council is made up of community members with close ties to the Multnomah Arts Center who provide critical support and expertise that furthers the organization’s mission.  They have no formal meetings but are called upon when their support is needed.  Membership includes past board members and other individuals who have significantly supported MACA’s mission.  MACA thanks them for their service and recognizes them for their extraordinary support.

Resource Council Members

Sylvia Bogert | Southwest Neighborhood, Inc.
Sarah Cochenour | Mortenson Construction
Aimee Erickson | Artists & Color Consultant
Marliee Hanks | Knot Design
Will Hathaway | MAC Founding Director
Nina Hutchinson | The Standard
Karen McNamee | MACA Board Chair Emeritus
Blake Patsy | KPFF Engineering
Gauri Radjibiadya | SERA Architects
Phil Ralston | Port of Portland (retired)
Jim Scutt | Scutt Kilns
George Thorn | Arts Action Research
Derek Trost | Acoustical Architect
Joan Wray | MACA Board President Emeritus
Judith Wyss | The Wyss Family Foundation

Want to get involved?

The MACA Board welcomes dedicated individuals interested in furthering its mission to learn more.  If you are interested in significantly volunteering, joining the Resource Council, being considered for board membership, or have other inquiries, you are welcomed to contact Executive Director Michael Walsh at (503) 823-2284.


How can you support community arts education and MACA’s mission?

Make a donation today to leave a legacy of continued arts education for current and future generations. Please consider becoming a sustaining contributor through automatic withdrawals on a monthly basis.


Every gift is greatly appreciated! Thank you for supporting Arts for Everyone! Because MACA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, your contributions are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.

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