MAC – Multnomah Arts Center Classes


Weaving Studio

The Multnomah Arts Center’s textiles program offers classes for children and adults including basketry, felting, knitting, dyeing, spinning and on-loom weaving. The weaving studio has over 60 floor and table looms including an AVL compu-dobby, spinning and dyeing equipment, a wide selection of yarns for purchase, and an extensive library.

During class, students have access to a weaving design software program called Fiberworks. If you are a currently registered teen/adult weaving student, you are encouraged to take advantage of the weaving studio any time the Arts Center is open (after you attend the first meeting of your class).

Textiles Open Studio (Drop-in) Policy

After the second week of class, currently registered weaving students may drop-in to the weaving studio at times other than during their registered class. A student may drop-in anytime the Arts Center is open to the public.

When weaving during another instructor’s class, please refrain from asking the instructor for help. Save your questions for the instructor in whose class you are registered. Any time you weave other than in your registered class, please sign in and out of the drop-in book at the front office. Access to Fiberworks software is limited to your registered class time.