Sari Peterson

Spinning Instructor

A crocheter and knitter since childhood, it seems as though Sari has always had crafts and fiber in her life. Later, as a seamstress and costume designer, her love of textiles continued to grow. Learning to spin over 10 years ago was a natural extension of her love of craft and a desire to learn the beginnings of her fibers and fabrics. Once Sari sat down at a wheel there was no turning back. Recently she learned to weave in order to have a greater use for the miles of handspun yarn in her stash!

Loving fiber and spinning as she does, it was a given that she would want to share her passion with others. Six years ago, she started teaching others to spin, on wheels and spindles alike.

Sari offers private lessons in her home, your home, or any place in between. She also teaches at local yarn stores in and around Portland, OR.

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Some of Sari’s works: