Tobi Kibel Piatek

Visual Arts Instructor

As an artist, writer, editor, educator, photographer, designer, and a technical geek, Tobi’s work has always been a combination of creativity, art, writing, and technology.

Tobi takes special pleasure in combining her skills, expertise, and passion for teaching into unique learning experiences designed to build confidence and enhance creative thinking. She equally loves teaching a class of young artists, designing a presentation, writing curriculum, leading a workshop, developing an online course or an eNewsletter, or creating a book for young readers.

Tobi’s resume includes teaching creative writing and creative thinking skills to gifted students in Portland Public Schools; editing and producing The Thinking Teacher: Ideas and Resources for Teachers of Able Learners, a newsletter to help educators teach as if every child is gifted; developing and teaching courses online and in person; and designing learning tools materials for students of all ages.

Tobi has been an artist in the schools, an art teacher, a graphic designer, and a digital photographer. She also designed and sold handmade jewelry at the Saturday Market for ten seasons.

Some of Tobi’s work: