Meg Currell

Piano & Literary Arts Instructor

Meg has returned to teaching after finishing her eight year “welcome to Portland!” self-guided tour. She studied writing and piano at Southern Illinois University, then went to work in publishing and marketing, teaching piano on the side.

Raising three kids taught Meg the patience and persistence she brings to every class and helped her stay technologically current. When quarantine turned the world’s focus to virtual programming, Meg began teaching piano in earnest, this time focusing on adults in online classes. Working with these eager learners has been a revelation, she says, and offers the chance to build deeper musical connections through a more mature mindset.

Tapping into expressiveness through the study of piano and writing creates new neural pathways, according to studies Meg quotes frequently. She has a profound belief in the power of growth in all areas of life by challenging yourself to learn something new and brings joy and enthusiasm to her work with lifelong learners.