Josue Mendoza

Office & Customer Service Lead

Josue is a dedicated professional with a passion for community wellness and recreation. Beginning his journey with Portland Parks and Recreation in 2015 as a Customer Service Representative and Fitness Instructor, Josue has been committed to fostering active, healthy lifestyles across the city.

With a background as a licensed personal trainer, Josue brings a wealth of expertise in fitness instruction and a genuine enthusiasm for helping individuals of all ages achieve their wellness goals. His role has since evolved, and they now serve as a Recreation Leader at the Multnomah Art Center, where he continues to inspire and engage community members through inclusive recreational opportunities.

In addition to his professional accomplishment, Josue is bilingual, fluent in Spanish, allowing him to effectively communicate and connect with a broader range of community members. Beyond his professional endeavors, Josue finds joy in outdoor activities like hiking, playing sports, and traveling. This passion for adventure and connection with nature informs his work, as he strive to create vibrant and accessible spaces for recreation and connection in Portland.

Josue remains committed to ongoing education and professional development to ensure he provide the highest quality of service to the community. His dedication to promoting holistic well-being and building stronger, more connected communities exemplifies the values of Portland Parks and Recreation.