Yvonne Kreger

Zumba Instructor

Yvonne was born is San Antonio, TX and moved to Portland to attend Naturopathic Medical School in 1997.  She started dancing at age 4 and comes from a musical family who has always loved to sing, dance, perform, and play all kinds of instruments.  She has a background in classical ballet, but has performed all kinds of dance throughout the years.  After becoming a mom, retiring from dance, and focusing on a career as a Naturopathic Endocrinologist, Yvonne finally found a dance form that could fit into her busy life and past injuries, Zumba Gold.  This kind of Zumba incorporates amazing latin and popular music with dance moves at a pace that allows anyone to follow along.  She is excited to share her love of dance and music with her students.   Come along dance with us, we know you will have fun!  For more details my website is yvonnekreger.zumba.com