Tayja Danger

Metals Instructor

Tayja Danger is the metalsmith behind Stone Anvil. She hails from the Pacific Northwest United States, originally from Alaska but now calling Oregon home. She has received her BFA from Oregon College of Art and Craft in Portland.

In her fine art practice, Tayja endeavors to advance Queer and Feminist movements by creating contemporary jewelry that speaks about social issues and popular culture. Though she often makes pieces about political and feminist issues, you can also see strong botanical influences from the natural world in her work.

Her artwork emphasizes formal elements and high quality craftsmanship, and honors traditional metalsmithing processes. She believes that placement on the body as a wearable art piece brings a form of intimacy to the viewer and the wearer. Art jewelry honors process and contemporary craft, embracing traditional methods of making as well as innovation and alternative art materials.

As a production artist, Tayja uses her metalsmith skills to create elegant jewelry suitable for everyday wear.  She fabricates limited run editions with her hammer and torch, and enjoys casting in bronze and sterling silver, using the lost wax technique.

Some of Tayja's work: