MAC's 2022 Art Pods Season

We are thrilled to announce that the Arts Pods, MAC’s mobile arts program piloted last year, is back this summer of 2022! We aim to serve the Portland community with three arts vehicles in 25 different locations over the course of 10 weeks, in partnership with Free Lunch + Play. What’s new this year is that we are also including four apartment complexes in service delivery, in addition to City parks.

Arts Pods program is an extension of the Hub N Spoke model with which MAC is spearheading to operate. We serve the community by going to them and meeting them where they are and help them play and create while tending to their diverse needs, backgrounds, comfort levels, and creative skills. Our focus is on creating quality experiences and on process rather than product. One of our goals is to remove distance as a barrier in connecting with the community while making community arts more accessible and inclusive. Our youth-focused arts activities will include nature art, paper crafting, printmaking, painting, collage, jewelry making, basketry, and textiles among other projects.