Craton Highways

Office & Rentals Lead

Craton Highways is a Burmese American poet, author, feminist, and LGBTQIA+ rights advocate. Highways has published four books in Myanmar, including poetry collaboration, essays, short stories, and articles. His articles published monthly in Myanmar focus on mental health, gender and sexuality,  relationship management, and social justice. Highways grew up in Yangon, Myanmar and studied Russian at Yangon University of Foreign Languages. 

Highways spent two years working and traveling in Malaysia before immigrating to the US in 2011. He holds an AA in Arts & Sciences from Portland Community College and a BS in Psychology from Portland State University. Highways worked on campus as a TA, peer advisor, and orientation leader. In his free time Highways has volunteered for several nonprofit organizations in Portland, including Friends of Trees, Immigrant & Refugee Community Organization, Lutheran Community Services, and Burmese American Buddhist Corporation. 

Highways has been with Portland Parks & Recreation (PP&R) since 2015. He currently serves on the PP&R’s Diversity & Equity Committee (DEC) with policy focus. Highways oversees rental program at Multnomah Arts Center and trains customer service staff. He aspires to study social work in the future. A travel enthusiast that he is, Highways enjoys hiking around Oregon coast, FaceTiming with family in Myanmar, singing, dancing, cooking, meditating, connecting with nature, and spending time with close friends.