Steve Carruthers

Swing Instructor

Hooked on dancing since 1990, Oregon Coast-native Steve Carruthers was absorbed for many years with folkdancing and continues to value social dancing as a community builder and way to erase barriers between people.

Welcoming the degendering of social dance, Steve is proficient in the role of following and encourages any and all to learn both leading and following roles.

A dedicated learner, he balances his dance teaching with taking classes and dancing socially. The learner’s perspective is uppermost in his mind. He guides dancers to the experience of partner dancing as an artistic and expressive collaboration between equals.

Steve has presented hundreds of hours of teaching at Mittleman Jewish Community Center, Multnomah Arts Center, and with homeschooled and public school youth. Steve offers private lessons and, in addition to MAC, teaches at the Viscount Dance Studio.

Avid, energetic hiker, gardener, music lover, and food enthusiast, Steve is a landscape designer and contractor. He makes SW Portland home with his wife and teen daughters.