Patricia Navin

Yoga Instructor

Patricia Navin teaches Fusion Fitness and yoga at MAC.

Patricia studied dance at the University of Oregon in the late 1970’s and performed in community productions in Eugene.

She found her way to a consistent yoga practice in 1998 and has been teaching since early 2004. Her approach is described as good-natured and supportive, combining a light heart with a deep appreciation for yoga’s profound effects. Patricia has trained with Sarahjoy Marsh, Julie Lawrence, and Mary Paffard, and gives thanks to those teachers.

Fusion Fitness emerged in 2007, from the Nia Technique of Debbie and Carlos Rosas; Patricia began teaching Nia in 1994. Students describe a community feeling to the class as well as a deceptively complete workout within the joy of movement they experience.

Patricia has familiarity with the needs of pregnant and postpartum students for both yoga and Fusion Fitness through her own mothering, studies, and work as a community health nurse with new parents and their babies.