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The Arts Cottages
at the Multnomah Arts Center

The Multnomah Art Center (MAC) is transforming two recently acquired buildings into dynamic office and meeting spaces for small arts organizations. The Arts Cottages will serve as a resource center and provide resident organizations a home in a professional arts space.

Dedicated office and meeting spaces can provide stability to help small arts organizations grow to their potential. However, many organizations are unable to fund a permanent office space. By gathering groups with similar operational needs together, the Arts Cottages will enable resident groups to access the resources of a dedicated facility at a fraction of what each would pay on their own.

The Arts Cottages will also enable collaboration, cross pollination of ideas between member groups, and opportunities for synergy with MAC users and programming.

For low monthly rent, packages in the Arts Cottages may include:

  • An office space with
  • Work Stations
  • Wireless Internet
  • Photocopier/Printer
  • Electric, Heating and A/C
  • Basic Office Supplies
  • Flexible room usage package
  • Meeting room spaces at MAC range in size and can accommodate groups from 2-260
  • Shared resource library
  • Lots of parking space
  • A permanent mailing address
  • Dedicated Archival Storage
  • Dedicated Mobile Storage Unit

Additional Benefits may include:

  • Consignment Sales Space
  • Discount on MAC classes for members
  • Opportunities for partnerships with MAC workshops, art sales, and gallery events
  • Interaction with MAC users and others potential members/supporters
  • Potential for cross-marketing
  • Potential for non-profit training opportunities

Optional Benefits may include:

  • Reduced rental costs to a variety of
    MAC, including studios spaces not
    available to the public
  • Additional storage space at reduced

Benefits to Arts Community

MAC serves as a destination for visual, literary and performing arts in the Portland region. In keeping with MAC’s mission, the Arts Cottages will provide direct service to the arts community we serve by fostering the stabilization and growth of small organizations. Ideal tenants of the Arts Cottages will have programs that incorporate educational outreach and provide community benefits that extend beyond their own membership. Additionally, MAC users will benefit from the exposure to arts organizations that can help further their individual growth.

Project Timeline – draft

Develop DRAFT Vision (May – June 2013)

Gather/Incorporate Feedback (June – July 2013)

  • Potential Partner Organizations/Members/Resident Groups
  • Potential Funders

Fundraising and Development (June – September 2013)
Design (May – November 2013)

  • Build-out of Physical Structure
  • Program Implementation with Partner Organizations/Members/Resident Groups

Launch/Member organizations utilizing Arts Cottages (January 2014)

Project Leadership

Michael Walsh, MAC Executive Director
Bill Flood, Community Cultural Development Specialist
Lindsay Benedict, Assistant Consultant
For more information or to provide feedback from your organization, please contact
Michael Walsh at 503-823-2284 or email

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