Nate Orton

Visual Arts Instructor

Nate Orton received his BFA in Printmaking from the University of Idaho in 2004 and moved to Portland the same year. Upon arrival, Nate connected with the city’s vibrant arts community, joining the printmaking cooperative Flight 64 and the Independent Publishing Resource Center. After a group show in Seattle, he was also asked to join The Mystic Sons of Morris Graves. Nate exhibits his artist’s books, prints, drawings, and sculptures at commercial and university galleries in Portland, Seattle, and the greater Northwest.

At the Multnomah Arts Center, Nate teaches courses in Polyester Plate Lithography, Letterpress Printing, and Encaustic, as well as drawing classes for adults and children. He believes that students should be taught the fundamental rules and techniques of art in a fun and positive environment. Once the rules are learned, he encourages students to experiment and push their own personal boundaries; or as he puts it, “Learn the rules, break the rules”.

Currently, Nate is working on his 26th issue of his artist’s book, My Day, which explores the great city of Portland through drawing, mixed media, and writing.

Some of Nate’s work: