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HANDBOOK 2013—2014

Multnomah Arts Center’s Arts-based Preschool

“The arts humanize the curriculum while affirming the interconnectedness of all forms of knowing. They are a powerful means to improve general education.”
~Charles Fowler


Little Artists Preschool (LAP) is a program of the Multnomah Arts Center (MAC), a Portland Parks & Recreation program. For 40 years, MAC has been providing high quality arts instruction and participation in the performing and visual arts to all interested persons, regardless of age, race, religion, ethnic origin,financial means, or level of ability. Enrolling your child in LA P means placing himor her in a nurturing arts community that will serve throughout his or her life. Through its program offerings MAC provides a lifetime of learning opportunities, connections with community and culture, and professional artist development. The Little Artists Preschool was proudly introduced as Multnomah Arts Center’s educational preschool in the fall of 2012. LAP provides arts-focused early childhood education for ages 2, 3, and 4.

MAC’s Youth Arts Director and Little Artists Preschool Early Childhood Educators collaborate to create a theme-based curriculum that encompasses visual arts, music, dance and theatre. These four forms will act as conduits for exploration. LAP instructors will introduce independent artistic forms as well as bring various forms together into a unified experience.

Little Artists Preschool is a safe place for your child to learn, create, and play. In addition to the physical space functioning as a working arts studio, instructors act as role models for the importance of art in our lives. The children practice simple artistic concepts that foster and provoke creative expression and discovery.

PHILOSOPHYreturn to top of page

Our teaching philosophy is children learn through creative play. Little Artists Preschool uses a creative, arts-based, teaching structure to bring out a child’s natural interest in learning. Each month we start with a new theme as a jumping off point to discover the world around us and within us. The arts allow children to think creatively, build their own ideas, solve problems in more than one way, and try new things. Rather than follow directions to construct prescribed projects, we focus on each child’s process. Children in our program learn to trust their own creative impulses while being supported by professional educators with strong arts backgrounds. In addition to academics, the learning through creative play philosophy helps children build a strong social foundation for their future. Teachers place emphasis on indirect instruction, which opens up young minds to independent thinking and creativity. Instructors foster imagination and keep children engaged using a variety of stimuli with each of the five senses carefully considered in lesson planning. With small student to teacher ratios, teachers are able to accommodate multiple styles of learning, where each child is allowed to learn, create, and discover at his or her own pace. We strongly believe that arts education is fundamental to the development of a healthy, happy, and engaged mind.

WE BELIEVEreturn to top of page

  • Children learn by using their senses and the arts are ideal in this process.
  • Creative play helps children experience their world and bring meaning to it. It models a social framework that builds relationships for life and kindles imagination.
  • The arts build a strong feeling of community.
  • Intelligence, inventiveness, self-esteem, self-discipline, cooperation, and self-motivation are all nurtured through the arts.
  • Creative play is health promoting. Through it, children build strength, increase coordination and improve their emotional health.
  • Creative play allows children to acquire both competence and confidence.
  • Creative play provides the opportunity to learn essential social skills such as taking turns, sharing, and cooperation.
  • Creative play helps children develop friendships and interpersonal skills, essential to children’s lifelong success.

TEACHERSreturn to top of page

Little Artist’s classroom leaders are dedicated educators with strong arts training.

CLASS SCHEDULE and ACTIVITIESreturn to top of page

Class generally follows the same sequence each day for consistency. When children can rely on knowing what comes next, transitions are smoother and students are able to get the most out of each day. While the order of the day is something children can learn to expect, the length of time in each activity may vary.Specific lessons provide ample educational opportunities. Therefore, we can be flexible and allow extra time on certain occasions, or we may transition from one activity to the next sooner than originally anticipated.

    Example of a daily schedule for the morning 3’s class:

  • 9:00 Check-in and Hello
  • 9:10 Open Arts Experience
  • 9:50 Circle Time (music, theatre and dance)
  • 10:30 Clean Up
  • 10:40 Snack
  • 11:00 Outside Time
  • 11:20 Art
  • 11:50 Goodbye
    Example of a daily schedule for the morning 4’s class:

  • 9:00 Check-in and Hello
  • 9:10 Open Arts Experience
  • 9:50 Circle Time (music, theatre and dance)
  • 10:00 Snack
  • 10:10 Book Time
  • 10:20 Open Arts Experience
  • 11:10 Clean Up
  • 11:20 Outside Time
  • 11:40 Goodbye

ENVIRONMENTreturn to top of page

The Little Artists Preschool is housed at Multnomah Arts Center in the heart of Multnomah Village. Our classrooms are warm, comfortable, cheerful spaces with lots of color and natural light. The spaces offer important safety features such as a child’s size toilet and sink. The cottages are enclosed by a gated and fenced courtyard. The courtyard incorporates loose elements from nature to foster creative, imaginative play. Here we create an outdoor art space and Community Garden plot. LAP’s 3’s and 4’s students visit and tend to their organic garden throughout the year, weather permitting.

STATIONS and THEIR PURPOSEreturn to top of page

Our daily schedule includes a block of time each day when children may choose an activity from a number of developmentally appropriate options selected by the teacher. We have learning centers which are clearly defined areas with equipment, materials and supplies that promote children’s developmental growth. During free-choice time, some students might create works of art or build structures with blocks. Others may play at a sensory table, or look at books in the story corner. Children freely move around the room, selecting the play that interests them. Teachers also move about the room, using this time as an opportunity to teach children about safety, talk about the materials they are using, aid students in socializing with one another, and build relationships with them on a more personal level. When they are ready to move on to something else, the instructors teach the children to put items back where they belong.With an understanding of where each child is developmentally, teachers will intervene when appropriate to facilitate learning, help children extend their play, and provide necessary support and guidance.

The stations include:

Dramatic Play: Life is a stage. Teachers set up dramatic play to encourage confidence, social skills, and role playing.

Visual Art: Materials will vary and include crayons, chalk, markers, colored pencils,paints, clay, different textures of papers, fabrics and yarn, food coloring, collage materials, and much more. Children are encouraged to express themselves creatively rather than produce a defined object as directed by teachers.

Music: Children sing, listen, learn new songs, play instruments, explore rhythms, and discover different combinations of sound. Instructors create and teach new songs on a regular basis so making music becomes part of everyday life.

Dance: Creative movement offers a range of experiences that facilitate natural, easy play, proper development of alignment, and neurological coordination. There will be ample opportunity to hop, bound, run, dive, leap, jump, turn, kick, and stretch.

Group Activities: Activities include daily circle time, storytelling, finger plays, songs, snack time and walks. Group activities encourage social skills such as turn-taking, cooperation, reciprocal language skills, sharing, empathy, as well as facilitating cognitive development.

Science/Nature: Science is explored all through the day in a multitude of ways. Children may engage in a cooking activity, take a nature walk, or plant a seed. We have materials such as magnets, magnifying glasses, shells, rocks, and sometimes even live creatures such as fish, frogs, butterflies, etc., for daily exploration.

Math: Goals for math include shape recognition, object matching, counting, categorizing, sorting, quantitative skills, and sequencing. We achieve these goals through music, our calendar, puzzles, blocks, pattern blocks, beads, and much more.

Sensory Experiences: These activities are important for the enhancement of the senses that are so crucial for complete child development. We explore textures, tastes, smells, sounds, and sights.

Language Development: Through daily stories, songs, finger plays, as well as conversational interactions, we support language development. Additionally, our classrooms have a writing center that is available for children to explore written words and practice writing the alphabet.

Physical Development: Gross motor development is supported through dance, walks on the MAC campus, climbing on playground structures, yoga, and creative movement. Fine motor activities develop hand-eye coordination and finger-hand muscle strength. We support this through art, writing, and manipulative materials such as peg boards, the weaving wall, and puzzles.

Social/Emotional Development: Children need to feel a sense of who they are and their place in the world. We work on building a sense of self-esteem through positive reinforcement and encouragement for children to accept new challenges. Children develop lasting friendships through play and through learning experiences facilitated by the teachers.

CLASS DESCRIPTIONSreturn to top of page

Preschool for Little Ones—Age 2

Play is the essential work of childhood, worthy of respect and encouragement. Curriculum includes stories, games and songs providing playful interaction while setting the stage for exploration, socialization and fostering a positive self-concept.

Preschool—Age 3

Creative play in a supportive environment is important to a child’s positive overall development. Make friends playing, painting, singing and sharing. Provides structured time during early childhood to enhance physical, mental, emotional and social growth and development.

Pre-Kindergarten—Age 4

Make new connections developing social and emotional skills! Opportunities for discovery, exploration and socialization foster a positive self-concept. Through activities including ABC’s, arts, numbers, games, stories, songs and themes, build
self-confidence, independence and creative thinking.

OUR SCHOOL YEAR and CALENDARreturn to top of page

Little Artists Preschool follows most Portland Public School’s federal holiday and break closures. Please see our LA P calendar for specific information. You will receive a calendar in September for the entire school year. Please read this carefully since some days may be slightly different than PPS.

ELIGIBILITYreturn to top of page

Whether you live in the City of Portland or not, all children meeting the age requirements are eligible to enroll. For each class, the student must be 2, 3, or 4 on or before September 1st of the school year. Children must be potty trained. Limited need-based scholarships are available. Contact MAC’s Youth Arts Director at 503-823-2787 for further details.

REGISTRATIONreturn to top of page

During the school year, we gladly welcome new students in our currently running classes provided there is space available and the child turned 2, 3, or 4 on or before September 1st. Contact MAC’s Youth Arts Director at 503-823-2282 for availability and to register.

Families with children currently in our program will have first opportunity to re-enroll and register any siblings that are age-eligible.

For new families, the upcoming school year will be available for registration at Open Enrollment, typically held in March.

Registration is taken on a first-come first-served basis. A registration fee is required for the registration to be accepted. The registration fee will only be processed if space is available. A waitlist will be started once a class fills.

TUITION and PAYMENTreturn to top of page

A non-refundable application fee is due for each child registered each year. Tuition is the same amount each month. The total amount for the year is divided into nine equal monthly payments, with the last payment due in April. Tuition is notprorated for family vacations, student illness, or other extended leaves.

The first tuition payment for the school year is due on or before July 31st. This payment covers September classes. If you enroll after July 31st, payment is due immediately upon enrollment.

If you are enrolled in the auto-debit program all remaining tuition payments are due the 15th of each month; September 15th for October classes, October 15th for December classes, and so on. The last payment is April 15th which covers May classes. For families not enrolled in the auto-debit program, there is an approximate 2-week grace period for tuition payment between the 15th of the month and the end of the month. A $25 late fee will apply effective the 1st of the month if tuition has not been received.

For your convenience, we encourage you to enroll in our auto-debit option. MAC will send an invoice or email when payment is due. However, please mark your calendars as a reminder to submit payment between the 15th and the end of the month or enroll in auto-debit to avoid late fees.

FEE FOR LATE MONTHLY PAYMENTSreturn to top of page

Failure to pay the monthly fee before the first of the month will result in a $25 late fee. If you have not paid your monthly fee plus the late fee by the 15th of the current month, your child will be dropped from the program, unless you have made arrangements with the MAC’s Youth Arts Director. We understand that sometimes unexpected circumstances arise that may cause a delay in your monthly payments. If this is the case, please contact MAC’s Youth Arts Director immediately to work out an alternative arrangement. If you have not contacted us and worked out an arrangement, then we will have to follow the guidelines stated above.

FEE FOR LATE PICK-UPreturn to top of page

There is a 5-minute grace period before a child is considered picked up late. After 5 minutes past the class end-time there is a late fee of $1 a minute. The fees for late pick-up will be assessed and added to your account balance. The price of our classes
are based on paying our instructors for the set hours of the class. The teacher has limited time between classes to clean up and set up. It is a hardship on the teacher if they are not able to do these tasks.

SHOLARSHIPSreturn to top of page

Families who need financial assistance need to turn in a completed scholarship request form, along with supporting documentation, at the time the registration fee is paid. Forms are available at our front counter or at our website. Scholarship availability is limited; if we are unable to award an adequate scholarship for your child, we will refund your registration fee. This is the only circumstance where the fee will be refunded.

WITHDRAWALreturn to top of page

In the event that you need to withdraw your child from the program, please let MAC’s Youth Art Director know as soon as possible. The monthly tuition is refundable in full only if you notify our office at least five working days (MF)
before the month begins. The monthly fee is not refundable for withdrawals occurring later than five working days before the month begins or during the month. This allows us time to place another child into the class. We hope none of our students withdraw, but schedules change and people move—we understand! We will miss you very much and hope to see you around for other classes, camps,
or events throughout the year.

PICK-UP and DROP-OFFreturn to top of page

Children must be signed in and out each day by a parent or another approved caregiver noted on your registration paperwork.

It is normal for some children to have difficulty separating from parents or cry when dropping off. Please make your drop off brief: the longer you prolong the departure, the harder it gets. Children are nearly always quick to get involved in play or activities as soon as parents are gone.

Missing School—Please call and let your child’s teacher know that you will miss class.

Early Drop-Off—Please do not drop off your child early. The teachers use the time before class to prepare for the school day. The doors will remain closed until the time class is scheduled to begin

Late Drop-Off—Please call and let your child’s teacher know that you will be late to class.

Early Pick-Up—Please let your child’s teacher know in advance that you plan to pick your child up early from preschool. This allows the teacher and child to adjust to accordingly.

Each person will need to show photo ID at least the first time he/she picks up your child. You will be contacted for verification if someone other than you or those noted on your paperwork arrives to pick up your child. If we can not reach you, your child will not be released. Please make sure your paperwork is current, or
phone us before pick-up to notify the teacher of your needs for the day.

In case of an emergency when you are not able to arrive on time for pick-up, please contact your teacher (#’s listed below) or call the front desk at 503-823-2787 as soon as possible so they can let the teacher know what time you expect to arrive. There is a 5-minute grace period before a child is considered picked up late. Late pick-up will result in $1/minute charges to cover extended supervision of the child. Please see Late Fee section on Page 10 for details.

Cottage #1 (2’s & 3’s Classroom): 503-823-2242
Cottage #2 (4’s Classroom): 503-823-2245


Regular communication with your child’s teacher is essential to a successful preschool experience. The child benefits most when both the teacher and parents make their best efforts to have open communication with one another. A quick ‘hello’ when dropping your child off or picking them up gives both parties an opportunity to have a short chat or schedule a time to meet, etc. Newsletters, emails, and in-class notices are tools the teachers use to update all families on themes, field trips, requests for recycled goods, etc. We would love to hear how your child is doing at home and we are always happy to let you know the progress your child is making in class! Parent/teacher conferences are held twice per year. These conferences are a great time to get to know more about your child in the classroom setting, where they are developmentally, and how you and the teacher can work together to achieve what is best for your child. Your child’s teacher will inform you about the dates and times of the parent/teacher conferences. It is important to let a teacher know if there is a problem or situation that needs immediate attention.

CLOTHING and EXTRAS BAGreturn to top of page

We encourage families to bring children to school in clothing that is comfortable and ready for mess! We have lots of outdoor time and creative projects planned that include paint, markers, glue, glitter, dirt, bugs, clay, water, and anything else our resourceful teachers can get their hands on! At the start of the school year, please bring an “extras” bag to leave at school that is labeled with your child’s name and includes a complete set of clothing (shirt, pants, socks, underwear). Consider packing clothes that are on the larger side so they fit as your child grows
throughout the year. Accidents, messy art, and mud happen! Please label all coats and jackets with your child’s name.

Emergency Clothes Box—these emergency provisions will be used in the event that a child’s clothing becomes soiled or if a child does not have the appropriate clothes for outdoor play. Please check with your child’s teacher for specific needs.

TOILET TRAININGreturn to top of page

Children need to be fully toilet trained and wearing underwear or pull-ups. Each child will be allowed to go to the bathroom individually as needed in addition to the planned visit to the bathroom to clean up before snack. Toilet training will not be a function of the preschool. We do understand that young children may have occasional accidents at the beginning of school. Please have “extras bag” with clothing available in case of emergencies. Parents will be called if necessary.

SNACKreturn to top of page

Please pack a healthy and nutritious snack for your child to bring to class each day.

MAC’s Little Artists Preschool is a PEANUT FREE ZONE: for our friends that have severe allergies, do not bring any products that contain peanuts. A list of peanut-free foods is available; ask the MAC’s Youth Arts Director for this handy list. Any foods that may contain peanuts (or other nuts if there is a severe allergy among the students) will be sent home to be eaten off site. Thank you in advance.

Emergency Food Box—These emergency provisions will be used in the event that a child’s snack is forgotten. If you would like to donate to the emergency food box, please bring in healthy prepackaged items.

ILLNESS (Student)return to top of page

If your child is ill, please help speed recovery and limit the spread of disease by keeping him or her home from school. If your child will not be attending class, please contact Multnomah Arts Center. Should your child contract head lice or
any other contagious condition, please contact the MAC’s Youth Arts Director at 503-823-2787 as soon as possible to allow us to take precautionary measures to prevent the spread of disease.

Our first consideration is always the comfort and safety of the children. If you believe your child has the cold or flu, they should stay home and rest.

If a student becomes ill during class we will contact parents/caregivers to pick the child up from school.

We understand these and other illnesses are very common in children this age. Please feel confident knowing that your privacy will be protected and that any health or personal matters will be handled professionally and discreetly. MAC does not credit accounts for classes missed due to illness.

The illness policy for public schools in Oregon, provided by the Oregon Health Department:

Please keep children home from school and child care if they have any of the following symptoms:

  • Fever greater than 100.5 °F
  • Vomiting
  • Stiff neck or headache with fever
  • Any rash with or without fever
  • Unusual behavior change, such as irritability, lethargy or somnolence
  • Jaundice (yellow color of skin or eyes)
  • Diarrhea (3 watery or loose stools in one day with or without fever)
  • Skin lesions that are “weepy” (fluid- or pus-filled)
  • Colored drainage from eyes
  • Brown/green drainage from nose with fever of greater than 100.5 °F
  • Difficulty breathing or shortness of breath; serious, sustained cough
  • Symptoms or complaints that prevent the child from participating in his/her usual activities such as persistent cough, with or without presence of fever
  • Child requires more care than the school/child care staff can safely provide

Only a licensed health care provider can determine a diagnosis, prescribe treatment and provide instructions regarding the child’s return to school/child care.

HEAD LICEreturn to top of page

Head lice are very common in preschool and school age children so we have a policy prepared to implement if this situation arises.

Upon notification, we immediately contact all families and staff and put our classroom protocol into action. Steps we take include laundering all clothing and plush animals, tying up items we can not launder in a plastic bag for 2 weeks to kill any lice and nits that may be on board, and vacuum the room with extra diligence to pick up any stray hairs that may have dropped or been left behind.

ILLNESS (Teacher)return to top of page

Should any of our instructors become ill, safety is our first priority and we will be doing our part to prevent the spread of disease. A substitute teacher will be arranged so that the impact is minimal for our families who rely on us to be here every day. In most cases, if the Lead teacher is out ill, the Aide will lead the class in their absence, with a Multnomah Arts Center instructor or staff member filling in as the Aide. All Portland Parks and Recreation employees have passed criminal background checks as a condition of employment. Your children are in good hands at Multnomah Arts Center! If MAC is unable to hold class due to lack of securing a substitute, you will be notified with as much advance notice as possible and credited for any classes missed.

DISCIPLINE POLICYreturn to top of page

Discipline means an ongoing process of helping children develop inner control so that they can manage their own behavior in a socially appropriate manner.

Little Artists Preschool policy states that there will be no physical or emotional punishment such as hitting, shaking, pushing, pinching, threats, sarcasm, prolonged isolation, denial of food, or derogatory remarks about the child or the family. Children will be spoken to in a calm manner. Children may need guidance to “sit and watch” for a short period of time, followed by some conversation with a teacher. Parents will be notified of serious behavior problems.

IMMUNIZATIONSreturn to top of page

Per Oregon State Law, all children attending public schools, preschools, and childcare must be up-to-date with immunizations or have a signed medical or religious exemption. At entry into the program, the immunization form must be completed and turned in along with the registration and emergency medical forms.

We will review each child’s record in November/December and notify families of any necessary updates with plenty of time to make an appointment with their doctor or clinic. Oregon State mandates that we order school exclusions for children that do not have current immunizations at their established deadline (usually in February). Please contact MAC’s Youth Arts Director Aimé Kelly, at mail me or 503-823-2282 with any questions.

ALLERGIES and MEDICATIONSreturn to top of page

If your child has severe allergies, may need to use an epi-pen, or needs to take medicine while at school, please make arrangements with MAC’s Youth Arts Director Aimé Kelly, at mail me or 503-823-2282 upon enrolling. There are additional forms to fill out (Food Action Allergy Plan, Medication Administration Form) and a few policies to cover. Please know we are very familiar with these needs and will make every effort to ensure that your privacy is protected and that your child avoids any potential complications due to allergies or medication requirements. Safety first!

INCIDENTS and ACCIDENTSreturn to top of page

All staff are First Aid/CPR certified. Teachers fill out a ‘Bumps and Bruises’ form when a child incurs a minor injury. Minor injuries may include falling and scraping a knee, a sliver in a finger from playing outside, or bumping into another child during physical activities and getting bruise as a result. The ‘Bumps and Bruises’ form will be completed, a copy will be given to the parent/caregiver picking the child up, and one will go to MAC’s Youth Arts Director.

For injuries that involve blood spills, possible stitches or fractures, a suspected head injury, or any situation needing expert medical attention, you will be contacted
immediately and asked to pick up your child for further evaluation. Please make
sure we have the best phone number on hand to reach you at a moment’s notice.

In the event an emergency 911 will be called.

SAFETYreturn to top of page

We have monthly drills for fire, earthquake, and lock down.

INCLEMENT WEATHERreturn to top of page

Multnomah Arts Center follows the Portland Public Schools inclement weather policy. If PPS is closed, preschool class will not be held. If PPS has a late opening, only morning classes are canceled; afternoon classes WILL be in session.

Please check for up-to-the-minute closure information (local news and radio stations have info, though not immediate).

IMPORTANT: Please be sure to find out what the west-side schools are doing, as we follow west side closures when east and west are different.

If there is inclement weather when PPS is NOT in regular session (i.e. Winter Break), please call the center at 503-823-2787 and listen to our voice mail. The building Director will update the message by 8am (or earlier) with any program cancellations.

MAC will not credit accounts for school closures due to inclement weather.

RADIO: KEX AM 1190KXL AM 750KXL FM 95.5KINK FM 101.9


BIRTHDAY AND HOLIDAYSreturn to top of page

If your child would like to celebrate a birthday with classmates, healthy store bought snacks may be brought to share at snack time (please view the list of acceptable healthy snacks available from your teacher). Please make birthday treats alike so there are no tears about what flavor, decoration, etc. As an alternative to snack sharing as a means of celebration, we encourage a show and tell celebration. Bring in your child’s favorite book, family photos, or something else of meaning.

If your child has a summer birthday, we could celebrate a “half-birthday” or celebrate at some other time during the year. Please let us know if you would like to do this. Invitations to parties will not be distributed at school unless the entire class is invited.

We celebrate Halloween, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day and other secular holidays in the preschool classes. We do not celebrate religious holidays. In conversation children can talk about holidays they celebrate at home. During the course of the year, you may wish to share a “family tradition” with the class. Please make arrangements with the teachers so that this can be included in the class plans.

FIELD TRIPSreturn to top of page

The Little Artists Preschool may take field trips during the school year. Each year is different; teachers may decide upon a variety of destinations in and around Portland. There will be an agenda for the trip and a lesson plan that follows the excursion. The instructor will inform you of upcoming field trips.

Permission slips for each child are required. Carpool arrangements must be made between parents; teachers are not liable for the transportation arrangements of children to/from off-site destinations. Staff may not transport children in their personal vehicles. Families may opt-out on field trip days. Credit is not applied to accounts when opting-out of class due to field trips. Admission fees are usually offered at a discounted rate for school groups. Please see your child’s teacher for any admission fees due.


If you are interested in observing a class, please contact MAC’s Youth Arts Director Aimé Kelly, at mail me or 503-823-2282 to make arrangements. By booking your date, we avoid double booking with another prospective family.

VOLUNTEERINGreturn to top of page

Parent volunteering is not required. Chaperones may be needed for field trips or perhaps special events. If you have a special skill or talent and you are interested in sharing with the class, especially if it relates to arts education, please let your child’s teacher know! Your teacher will let you know how we can incorporate it into a lesson or if your skill may benefit the program’s pursuit of transforming the courtyard into a more natural play area for the children. Thank you for your interest!

Please visit the Volunteering section of our website or the MAC office to acquire the volunteer packet.

DONATIONSreturn to top of page

In the interest of being Green, we would love to accept your donations! MAC has very limited space for storage; therefore items donated would need to be an amount that would be used within a short period of time. For classroom equipment such as toys or furniture, please contact the Youth Art Director at 503-823-2282 to find out what MAC can accept. In general, items that will be considered are safe, non-commercial (not affiliated with any brand, i.e. Disney), age appropriate, and in like-new condition.

Throughout the year, Little Artists Preschool students will create a wonderful variety of performance pieces and art projects related to the themes and topics we will be studying.

Here is a wish list of just some of the supplies and support items we need:

Carpet sweeper, Hand held vacuum, Child-sized rakes and brooms, Metal bowls, pans, cookie sheets, lids, 1-2” Plastic tubing, PVC pipes, Wooden spoons, Hanging plant baskets, Outdoor thermometer, Buckets, Wood scraps, Corks, Wire, Lids: plastic/metal (all sizes), Large beads, Clip boards, Floor pillows, Chalkboard eraser, Nut butter (no peanut, please), Painters tape, Binoculars, Animal figures, People figures, Large Ziploc baggies, Tractor tire (for outdoor recreation)

General donation information can be found here.


Can you give out phone numbers of other children in the class?

Due to a policy of Portland Parks & Recreation, we are unable to hand out personal information (phone numbers and addresses) to other participants in our community center. This is a safety issue, as not all people want their phone numbers released to everyone in the class. However, we are happy to facilitate a phone number exchange between those parents that choose to share their number with others in the class.

Is it okay to bring my other children into the classroom?

We ask that you keep your other children by your side when in the Preschool room. Each classroom is set up for the children that are registered for the program. When dropping off your child, our teachers are ready to begin focusing on the children in each class, but not their siblings. Our rooms are set up in an age appropriate manner for the children registered in the class—they may not be “toddler proof” for the younger siblings!

Is the classroom open at times other than scheduled class time?

No, the room is not open at other times of day for drop-in play. Our rooms are multi-purpose in function and may be used when Preschool is not in session for other classes, meetings and Community Center activities.

PHOTO POLICYreturn to top of page

Portland Parks reserves the right, and may give permission to the media, to photograph classes, programs and participants at all our facilities and properties. Please be aware that these photos are for promotional purposes and may be used in future publications and media communications in any format. By participating in classes and programs, you consent to the taking and publication or your photograph for these purposed.

“Art is a major path to knowledge.”
Leonardo da Vinci