Emmanuel Henreid

Music, Theatre, & Dance Instructor

The International Versatile singer, dancer, actor, and pianist. Emmanuel Henreid, is an honors graduate of Concordia University’s 2013 class. The international artist has traveled to various countries throughout Europe, sharing plethora genres of music in effect to reach the Masses and his local community. Various productions that he has performed in include: American Repertory Theater Debut: The Black Clown, Show Boat, Carmen, Faust, The Big Night, La Traviata, Pirates of Penzance, Portland Opera Company. Educational: Hairspray (Seaweed), Portland Community. National Tours: Lyle Lovett (Soloist/BGV). Soloist/Vocal Coach: Gospel Christmas (con. George Manahan), The Maui Chamber Orchestra, Oregon Symphony. Opera Training in Ukraine and Moldova.

Emmanuel is also a Piano, Voice, Theater, Modern Dance, and Hip-hop instructor.

He serves on the Arts and Music Board of Kings School in Seattle, Washington, and the board of Active Space in Portland. Whenever time permits and Emmanuel is not working, he enjoys event planning, activism work, philosophy, linguistics, traveling, tea, and collecting vinyl records. Moreover he enjoys spending quality time with various communities, family, and friends.