Amber Gudaitis

Dance & Music Theory Instructor

Amber Gudaitis is a composer and choreographer based in Portland, Oregon. She began her artistic training in violin and classical ballet and later shifted her focus to music composition and contemporary dance. As a composer, Gudaitis works in contemporary classical music, writing for live performers. Gudaitis’ musical compositions have been premiered by the Portland Columbia Symphony Orchestra, the Olympia Symphony Orchestra and by professional chamber ensembles and soloists. As a dance professional, Gudaitis is known for customizing performances to the unique stage designs of music venues. She has performed with many professional musicians, including Trumpeter Fred Sautter, Clarinetist Dr. Robert Spring, and Tubist Dr. Deanna Svoboda. Gudaitis studied at the University of North Texas, Arizona State University, and the University of Leeds in England. Her works have been performed in Massachusetts, California, Arizona, Nebraska, Texas, the Pacific Northwest, England, Costa Rica, and Portugal.