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MACA is moving forward on a major Auditorium Renovation for the benefit of our Southwest Neighbors!

Please join the Multnomah Arts Center Association in making this a better “living room” for Southwest communities.

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Dear Friends,


Thank you for considering a donation to support the Multnomah Arts Center Association. Currently we are putting all our efforts into the 2016 Multnomah Arts Center Association Auditorium Renovation. The goal of the project is to renew and refurbish the auditorium to support the activities of the roughly 300,000 community members who use the space annually, as well as local established and emerging performing arts companies who seek venues.


With your past support, we have also been able to increase scholarships and financial assistance for those who have a desire to create, but lack the financial means to afford tuition. One of our core values is to offer instruction in the arts to everyone desiring to learn. Now, we are in a better financial position to assist even more students.


MAC performing arts program staff have partnered with MACA by providing a variety of community events such as Truth Be Told and Village Vaudeville with proceeds going toward the auditorium and dance studio capital improvement fund. Improvements to our performing arts space are very costly, but necessary. We are in the process of developing a detailed renovation plan and soliciting bids for this project.


One thing we know for sure is we can only achieve these great improvements with your help!


Please join our Arts Family with a donation that directly supports arts education that keeps our community vibrant. If you are a regular contributor, perhaps you will consider increasing your donation this year. Every dollar contributed to MACA is spent on direct improvements or scholarships, with no money spent on administrative expenses.


Thank you so much for your investment in Arts Education!


Make a Secure Donation


In-Kind Donations

We also accept in-kind donations of equipment, supplies, and materials.

All in-kind donations must be reviewed by a program coordinator before they can be accepted. If we cannot accept your donation we may be able to assist you in identifying another nonprofit that can.To make an in-kind donation, please email or call us at 503-823-2787 with details about the item(s) and complete this in-kind donation form. The information you provide helps us keep accurate records and documents your donation. Thank you for supporting the Multnomah Arts Center Association, a vital part of our community.

Our program can also be improved by donating needed items such as:

• Musical Instruments (guitars, violins,  grand pianos, etc.) *We currently are no longer seeking donations of upright pianos, thank you.
Sheet Music and Music Books
Music CDs (classical, jazz, blues, instrumental)
Art Supplies
Printmaking Equipment
Photography Equipment (digital and analog)
New Computers (Laptop)
Audio Equipment (Stereo Receivers, Amplifiers, Speakers, CD Players)
Theatrical Equipment (fireproof curtain, lighting, sound)
In-kind donations (postcard printing, catering, framing – what do you do?)
Cash for equipment, improvements, scholarships for students, etc.

Thank you for supporting the Multnomah Arts Center!