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Shakespeare Liberation Army

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The Mission

To remove all obstacles in the way of understanding the world’s most famous playwright. If you don’t get Shakespeare, or are just bored of the bard, fear not!With humor, wit, and plastic sword in hand, the Shakespeare Liberation Army has arrived to fight for your right to soliloquize.

Over the Cliff Notes

Over the Cliff Notes is a performance-based educational project exploring and revealing the poet’s artistic significance and merits… sort of. Combining the text with serious and humorous running commentary, the plays are adapted and condensed into versions which capture the spirit while leaving the boring stuff behind.

Over the Cliff Notes will be your guide into the misty abyss of classical text and will assist you in plumbing the depths of the world’s most popular dramatic literature.

Our one hour performances combine Shakespeare’s language with modern interpretation to entertain while educating. So, whether you are a scholar or a novice, you will emerge a champion of word and action. It will be so much fun you won’t even realize you’re smarter.


The primary goal of the in class residency is to encourage a greater understanding and appreciation for theatre, specifically Shakespeare, in younger generations. Second, to increase literacy through voice and movement activities while using the original classical language. With these
goals in mind, the intent is to increase students’ ability to learn how to decipher the text on their own. A third goal is to build a greater sense of self-confidence in voice and physical presence.

In the classroom students will:
• Perform a staged reading
• Play theatre games
• Translate the text
• Analyze the subtext
• Receive an educational packet

“Now I believe that there are unicorns.”—The Tempest