MAC – Multnomah Arts CenterMaterials Lists

Materials Lists

Anderson, Leslie – Acrylics

Baker, Marcy – Mixed Media Collage with Printmaking

Baker, Marcy – Mixed Media Assemblage with Printmaking

Baker, Marcy – Watercolor Monotype Materials List (Class and Workshop)

Baker, Marcy – Monotype: More Methods Materials

Baker, Marcy – Monotype & Collage

Baker, Marcy – Monotype Transfer Drawing Workshop

Cannon, Sharon – Basic Drawing

Chamberlin, Shelley – Collagraph and Relief

Chamberlin, Shelley – Introduction to Drawing

Chamberlin, Shelley – The Printed Book

Cheyne, Patricia – Papermaking

Colasurdo, Christine – Calligraphy Classes

Donnelly, Hugh – Materials Lists

Fernandez, Eduardo – Artistic Anatomy

Fernandez, Eduardo – Portrait Essentials

Fernandez, Eduardo – Landscape Essentials/Plein Air Landscape Painting

Fitzpatrick, Char – Dry Pastels & Watercolor Mixed Media

Fitzpatrick, Char – Beginning Watercolor

Fitzpatrick, Char – Intermediate Watercolor

Fitzpatrick, Char – Pastels

Franz, Sophie – Painting Studio

Gallen Lipton, Jane – Colored Pencil

Gallen Lipton, Jane – Drawing Classes

Gersbach-King, Jenna – Black & White Darkroom — Plus Studio

Grainger, Anji – Pen & Ink with Watercolor

Grainger, Anji – Watercolor Beginning

Grainger, Anji – Watercolor: Fits & Fizzles

Grunwald, Dawn – Felt Hats

Grunwald, Dawn – Introduction to Needle Felting

Grunwald, Dawn – Sewing for Everyone

Harmon, Chris – Block Prints

Harmon, Chris – Framing Workshop

Harmon, Chris – Waterless Lithography Workshop

Harrison, Julia – Visiting Artist Workshop: Jewelry That Grows on Trees

Hinton, Susan – Watercolor All Levels

Kitman, Suzy – Acrylic Painting

Kitman, Suzy – Oil Painting

Licardo, Joanne – Oil Painting

Mace, Gage – Painting Classes

Merges, Palmarin – Textile Printing Workshop Syllabus

Murphy, Chiho – Oriental Brush Painting

Orton, Nate – Drawing Fundamentals

Orton, Nate – Polyester Plate Lithography Workshops

Orton, Nate – Zine Workshop

Prentiss, Alex – Moku Hanga

Rawlins, Nicole – Beginning Etching

Rehm, Patricia – Beginning Felting

Schütte, Peter

Shiga, Kristen – Sewn Boards Book
Siegel, Jude – Nature Journaling

Synoground, Kaye – Intermediate Watercolor

Synoground, Kaye – Watercolor Figure Painting

von Bergen, Jan – Screen Printing

von Bergen, Jan – Solar Plate Etching

Walker, Liz – Watercolor: 3 Techniques in 3 Weeks

Walker, Liz – Basic & Intermediate Watercolor

Walker, Liz – Acrylic Monotyping

Wong, Diana – Origami & Kirigami