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Tobi Kibel Piatek

Youth Art

Tobi Kibel Piatek

Whether creating a painting, building a website, making earrings or planning an art class or workshop, design is my primary focus and my route to creative expression.

When teaching (whether young artists or my “senior classes”), I take pleasure in sharing my love of color, line and pattern through unique learning experiences designed to teach skills, build confidence and enhance creative thinking. For the past many years, I have enjoyed teaching Painting and Drawing and the Art of Fashion to young artists.

My resume includes teaching Creative Writing and Creative Thinking Skills to gifted students in Portland Public Schools, editing and producing numerous publications and web learning sites, developing and teaching courses (online and in person) and designing learning tools and materials for students of all ages.

I have been an artist in the schools, an art teacher, a graphic designer and a digital photographer. I also designed and sold handmade jewelry at the Saturday Market for ten seasons. I never go anywhere without my digital camera, and I spend way too much time using my computer tools to create fine and graphic art. Mostly now, when not teaching or traveling, I focus on painting, and learning how to get better at it.