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Suzanne Fling

Youth Art and Clay

Suzanne Fling

Much joy and satisfaction comes from making useful things with my own hands. I find it a very spiritual, ritualistic process from wedging the clay at the start to the finished fired piece.

In 2003, I started making pots in Boston and instantly knew that I had found my medium for expression. After spending countless hours in the studio, I was given an instructor position and began working my first studio manager job at the Boston Center for Adult Education. My life since has been focused on clay and I couldn’t be happier.

Growing up in Colorado, I have been strongly influenced by the outdoors. The nature of the ceramic process is something that speaks to me and connects me to the environment. I have always been captivated by the direct process of forming with the potter’s wheel. Throwing on the wheel reveals a desire to make things by hand that I hadn’t experienced since making “mud pies” in the backyard in childhood. Creating something useful out of a material found under our feet is mysterious and enthralling.