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Kaia Sand

Literary Arts

Kaia Sand

Kaia Sand most recently authored Remember to Wave (Tinfish Press 2010), a poetry & essay collection that investigates the political history of land surrounding the Portland Expo Center. She led a number of community walks based on this project. She also worked on a project creating poetry banners with students as well as people who live homeless in Portland’s former Japantown, exploring histories of the WWII incarceration of Japanese Americans.

A member of PEN American Center, Sand is also the author of the poetry collection interval (Edge Books 2004), awarded Small Press Traffic Book of the Year, and co-author with Jules Boykoff of Landscapes of Dissent (Palm Press 2008). Collaborating with Mitch Hider, she created a magic show about the 2008 financial collapse, A Tale of Magicians Who Puffed Up Money that Lost its Puff. Primarily a poet, Sand works across genres and media, and more of her projects are described at kaiasand.net. She has been awarded two project grants from the Regional Arts and Culture Council.

Kaia Sand teaches poetry and writing courses at Pacific University. She recently led a Writing Excursion of Lost Neighborhoods through the Multnomah Art Center, and team-taught with Michael Glaser poetry workshops in Oxford and Grasmere, England for St. Mary’s College of Maryland.

She lives in Portland with her husband, Jules Boykoff, and their daughter, Jessi Wahnetah.