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Piper Philbrook

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Piper Philbrook

Piper is a natural born teacher, student of life, traveler, yogini, poet, martial artist, fire dancer, friend, mentor, leader, spiritualist, daughter, sister. She is constantly expanding, growing and continues learning various forms of somatic movement to enhance her healing arts practice.

Piper has been teaching Yoga since 2007, including Hatha, Flow, Basics, Restorative, and Yin, as well as Yang Style Tai Chi, Qi-Gong, Nia Dance Technique and Poi (fire dancing). She also holds seasonal and monthly children’s classes, as well as summer camps for kids in a movement style of her own creation, Yo-Chi-Fu, combining all the arts she teaches. Along with her weekly classes she also instructs small groups, private single and couples classes. She has experience working with ages 2-92, all levels, all body types and all abilities.

“We are forever transforming, growing, accomplishing, grieving, and letting go. I believe we are born in touch with our body, naturally moving with Joy and in Self-Healing ways. Over time we’ve developed unhealthy habits that cause dis-ease, tension, and stress in the body. I invite students to Explore in every path to enhance Awareness of their body, mind and spirit; to deepen their breath even when it feels constricted; to approach their bodies with grace and ease; and to do what feels good. Every practice is a new journey, a chance to discover, explore and recreate how you see yourself as well as everything surrounding you. I look forward to sharing my practice with you.”