MAC – Multnomah Arts Center Instructors

Tina Moore

Textiles – Weaving

Tina Moore is a National Boards Certified Art Teacher, with a passion for weaving. She has shown her work in various shows in California and Connecticut. Her most recent show landed her a blue ribbon for the best woven project. She has been fortunate to have travelled to countries known for their weaving and visited weaving studios in Peru and Egypt. Two different silk factories were on her itinerary in China. Becoming a weaver has interested her since she lived in Sweden and tried to put an antique loom together.

A background as an art educator has given her an aesthetic understanding and the ability to communicate it to students. She has taught at both the secondary and junior college level, the junior college included a weaving class. As the head of the art department and a member of the California Arts Project she has taught other teachers how to use art to address other modalities in learning.

Recently moving to Portland from the woods of Northern California, she is looking forward to sharing her passion for weaving with her students.