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Linda Hendrickson

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Linda Hendrickson
Linda Hendrickson is the author of several instructional books including “Please Weave a Message” and “How to Make Ply-Split Baskets”, as well as dozens of articles for fiber magazines. Since 1992, she has taught workshops for guilds and conferences across North America and in England. Her award-winning ply-split baskets and tablet weavings have been exhibited internationally. She is an enthusiastic and patient teacher who enjoys sharing her love of structure and design with students of all ages. She holds a BS in Home Economics from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.

Linda has had a fiber art studio in her home in Portland since 1985. Over the years, in addition to teaching in her studio, she has been a Community Artist in the Neighborhood Arts Program of the Regional Arts & Culture Council, teaching workshops for all ages in community centers, schools, city parks, and in programs aimed at helping at-risk children and their parents. She has also taught workshops in the Arts-in-Libraries program in Multnomah County, and before- and after-school workshops in the SUN Schools Program (Schools Uniting Neighborhoods). Every year, she demonstrates ply-split basketry and tablet weaving at various events including the Portland Handweavers Guild Annual Sale and Art in the Pearl.

In addition to teaching and writing, Linda has an Internet business focusing on books, artist-made cords, kits, and tools for ply-splitting and tablet weaving.  Her husband, John Brockway, makes all of the tools.  John has a background in photography and video, and he and Linda work together on self-published books and
instructional videos.   These and other videos are available on YouTube:

Linda Hendrickson demonstrates making cords for ply-splitting

How to make a gripfid for ply-splitting

Scenes from the DVD “Ply-Split Garlic Basket” with instructor Linda Hendrickson

Laurelhurst Fiber Art Studio & Urban Farm, www.lindahendrickson.com

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