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Lew Jones

Music – Guitar

Lew began playing around Portland back in 1974 and has been playing live gigs every week ever since. His first acoustic group while in college included Marv Ross who later went on to form Quarterflash. He has, as Lew puts it, “11 official releases out since 1978 and well over 20, ‘unofficial’ ones.” Considered a writer’s writer he has composed hundreds of songs and also knows so many “cover tunes,” from classical guitar pieces to obscure folk ballads to contemporary rock songs, that it’s awe-inspiring.

The last several years have found Lew busier than ever. He has gone on 5 extensive tours of Borders books, throughout California, Oregon and Arizona to promote his catalogue of CDs. Currently he is playing as many as 20 gigs a month and regularly drives to shows hundreds of miles away. He has released two CDs in the last 12 months. One, Eternal December with Juliard trained pianist Babette Soll is a collection of classical pieces including works by Beethoven, Chopin and Mozart. The second is a collection of folk classics mixed with originals called American Folkie. out on Living Room Records 2001. Sublimation, out on MastanMusic , will be his 3rd CD release in little over a year! As if that’s not enough, a book of collected poems that includes his poetry and other local poet, S.P. Clark, called A Hundred Poems Four Poets is being released by Vantage Press out of New York. If your still not convinced he’s a modern day renaissance man, a showing of his wonderful oil paintings at the Lake Oswego Art Festival received a blue ribbon award was very well received this summer. His paintings are featured in the packaging of his newest CD Sublimation.

The world of the Internet has been good to Lew, as he can boast eight #1 Folk and Blues hits in the U.S. and one #1 International hit, all through Mp3.com. He had over 38,000 discreet downloads for his songs and Mp3.com rewarded Lew by including two of his songs on a compilation album that also featured a song from Bill Wyman of the Rolling Stones.

At a very young 51, Lew has vitality, wisdom, a lust for the arts and is so prolific a song writer that it is easy to see why so many people think of Lew Jones as a true blue modern day troubadour.

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