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Kristin Shiga

Applied Arts – Jewelry/Metalsmithing

Kristin Shiga

Kristin Mitsu Shiga is the Metals/Jewelry Program Specialist for the Multnomah Arts Center. Originally from New York City, Kristin is a metalsmith who has been splitting her time between the studio and the classroom since 1992.

As a maker, Kristin is deeply influenced by her participation in various collaborative events around the world, and the people she connects with through these events. Her work is featured in numerous publications, including Art Jewelry Today, The Art of Enameling and several of Lark Books’ “500” series. Kristin is an active volunteer and serves on the boards of several local and national arts organizations. She has shown her work internationally, and is included in notable collections, including the Kamm Artful Teapot Collection and the Permanent Collection of the White House.

Learn more about Kristin by watching her Oregon Artbeat segment (originally aired in 2010) here. BFA, Oregon College of Art and Craft. www.opb.org/television/programs/artbeat/segment/metalsmith-kristin-mitsu-shiga/

Mind & Body – Mindfulness

Kristin Mitsu Shiga grew up with a family background in Buddhism, but it wasn’t until her struggle with cancer that she developed a firmly established meditation practice of her own. Since then, she has studied a wide variety of teachings, including Zen, Shambala, Vipassana, Tonglen, Metta and Transcendental Meditation. Her passionate belief in the importance of mindfulness practice for optimal mind/body health led her to develop an easily-accessible, non-denominational mindfulness curriculum for Multnomah Arts Center in 2010. Her goal is to offer students a variety of tools from which they can craft their own, personalized practice in a safe, supportive atmosphere. Kristin is skilled at making practitioners of all levels, ages and abilities feel comfortable and enabled. Former students describe her as warm, non-judgmental and open, and regularly comment on how the peacefulness they experience after each class session extends into the rest of their lives.