MAC – Multnomah Arts Center Instructors

Chiho Murphy

Visual Arts – Ink and Watercolor

Chiho Murphy was born in Muroran, Hokkaido, Japan’s northernmost island and raised in Sapporo, the capital of Hokkaido. She began studying calligraphy in elementary school, and in her late 20’s, devoted herself more seriously to studying calligraphy under instructor Keiun Tsujii. Around the same time, Chiho also began taking suibokuga (India-ink painting) lessons under Takusen Imamura. While a member of the University calligraphy club in Sapporo, Chiho won a prize at an exhibition sponsored by the All Japan Calligraphy Association under the guidance of Gado Shimaya. She also won awards for works submitted in the Mainichi Exhibition, the Sogen Exhibition, and the Hokkaido Shodo Exhibition and received a Silver Prize for a suibokuga painting exhibited at the Nikki Exhibition. Chiho continues to study calligraphy under Tsujii as a member of a calligraphy organization, Shoken, and is striving to develop her own painting style based on Imamura’s teachings. She received her Masters degree in Asian Studies from the University of Oregon in 2002 (thesis title: Sakai Hoitsu’s Birds and Flowers of the Twelve Months in the Shin’enkan Collection: the Relationship between Hoitsu and Urban Culture in Late Edo Period Japan). Her recent work was chosen in top 55 among 3278 painters at the competition of post card paintings hosted by a Japanese magazine, Serai. Having moved from Japan to Oregon in 1995, Chiho currently resides in Portland. She has a private Japanese culture school, teaching both traditional art and Japanese language arts and produces artworks on a commission basis.