MAC – Multnomah Arts Center Classes

Raymond E Trayle engraving by John Saling

Trayle Print Studio Amenities
at the Multnomah Arts Center

Trayle Print Studio

The Trayle Print Studio is a 1000 square foot studio in the heart of Multnomah Village. Bathed in light with south and north facing windows overlooking a garden and 20 ft ceilings, work in a space that is inspiring! The studio is well heated and air-conditioned. We use safer materials when possible – using cleaners like Simple Green, vinegar and water, Soysolv, oil and soap.


  • Ray Trayle press (the first one!) with 24” x 48” press bed, bottom driven
  • Etching press with 28” x 36” press bed, bottom driven
  • Fuchs and Lang Lithography press with 26” x 39” bed
  • Vandercook No. 0 Proof press
  • Chandler Price clamshell letterpress

    Intaglio Equipment:

  • 12” x 18” hotplate for melting rosin and grounds
  • Two 24”x 24” hotplates for inking plates
  • Irons, hairdryers and hotplates for various techniques
  • 10 gallon Howard vertical etching tank (using ferric chloride)
  • Light box for solar plate
  • Aquatint box for plates max size 9” x 12”, hand dusting for any size
  • Intaglio tools including: drypoint needles, burnishers, scrapers, roulettes and mezzotint rockers
  • Brayers, tarlatans

    Lithography equipment:

  • Graining sink, accommodates two people at a time
  • 12 lithographic stones size ranging from 8”x 10” to 12” x 16”
  • Smaller stones for graining
  • 12” leather roller for black ink
  • 6” x 16” rubber roller for color
  • Lithographic crayons, tusche, snakeslip, etc. for drawing on stones

    Screenprinting equipment:

  • 40 screens various sizes – 8” x 11” to 19” x 19”
  • Squeegees, inks, screenfiller, etc.

    Relief equipment:

  • Linoleum and woodblock cutting tools
  • Barens
  • Registration boards for hand printing
  • Bench hooks for carving

    Monotype equipment:

  • Large rubber roller (see above in lithography) for surface roll
  • Brayers
  • Large assortment of plexiglass from 3” x 5” to 18” x 24”

    Letterpress equipment:

  • 13 drawers of lead type
  • Leading, furniture

    Encaustic equipment:

  • Two hotplates for melting wax
  • Heatguns
  • Irons
  • Incising tools, etc


  • Handschy lithographic inks
  • Oil based etching inks: Gamblin, Daniel Smith, Charbonnell
  • Water based inks: Akua and Speedball
  • Speedball oil based block ink
  • Union inks for Screenprinting

    Studio equipment:

  • Four large glass tables
  • 9” x 12” light table
  • Five work tables
  • Two drying racks for artwork
  • Blotters/boards for drying wet work
  • Laser scanner/copier/printer for image transfers
  • 36” x 48”paper cutter table, and two portable paper cutters, self-healing matts for cutting papers
  • 24 foot long window workbench with view of garden
  • Aprons, nitrile gloves, safety glasses

    Additional equipment on campus (not in studio):

  • 12” metal sheer for plates
  • Darkroom with 6 enlargers

    Materials available for purchase:

  • Solar plates
  • Copper plates
  • Pnp blue film
  • Encaustic bord