MAC – Multnomah Arts Center Classes

Teen & Adult Clay Offerings

Hand & Wheel – Beginners
In this introductory course, explore a variety of techniques from handbuilding to wheelthrowing. Designed for students who have little or no experience in clay, explore essential techniques through guided projects including surface decoration, slab construction, coil vessels, and introduction to wheelthrowing different shapes, with techniques in centering, opening, pulling, and collaring, trimming and using ribs. Glazing techniques such as slip trailing, dipping, brushing, decorating with oxide washes, and using wax resist are also included.

Hand & Wheel – All Levels
Experience techniques for shaping, building & glazing while discovering methods for material preparation. Gain artistic insight for creating pieces in nonfunctional and functional techniques.

Hand & Wheel – Intermediate
Explore advanced techniques in form, surface, and finish. Demonstrations may include: lids, handles, section pots, altering forms, forms and fixtures for handbuilders, simple mechanical drawing techniques, and the use of slips in different consistencies. More advanced glazing techniques, including spraying,
and wax over, will be covered.

Sculpture – 3D Design In Clay
Explore possibilities in functional or sculptural clay, working large or small. Bring your ideas alive as you create pieces from vessels to figures and animals. A variety of slab, coiling and modeling techniques will be demonstrated, as well as surface decoration and glazing. Learn about ceramic history as you develop your creative style.

Slab Construction
Craft large hand built forms utilizing the fundamentals and techniques of this method. The object grows according to imagination and creativity.

Hand & Wheel – Before & Beyond Round
Here is your opportunity to design traditional and non-traditional pieces for showing off the food you like to eat. Handbuilding demos will be with slabs, with and without molds, to create pots for the table: cups, pitchers, vases, bowls, platters and more. There will be demonstrations on altering thrown forms – going beyond round. Techniques covered include: stretching, paddling, ovaling, darting, cutting and pasting wheel thrown pots.

Handbuilding with Clay for Seniors (Ages 60 & up)
Let’s play with clay! Explore the art of ceramics while creating treasures to take home. Craft hand-built bowls or sculpture while exploring pinch, coil and slab forms. Gain knowledge of the fundamentals in a creative, nurturing environment.

Ceramics Workshops: Alternative Firing Workshop • Secrets of Glazing Workshop • Clay Vessels • Santa Clara Pueblo Firing • Ceramic Tile Workshop

MAC also offers special ceramics workshops with renowned ceramics artists every year. Past artists include: Patrick Horsley, Thanh Binh Duong, Steven Hill and Judy & Lincoln Tafoya

Youth Clay Offerings

Clay Creations
Can you construct a world with your fingers? Create shapes from nature or your imagination while exploring handbuilding and sculpting. Exchange ideas and inspiration from artists around you while giving form to your dreams. Add color to your creations and see how the kiln works its magic.

Invent, discover, and create with clay. Stimulate your mind and get your fingers working with construction techniques like coil and pinching. Finish your art work with glaze and see how the kiln works its magic.

Explore the potter’s wheel. Develop throwing skills and learn to use your hands and tools to shape form. Increase patience and coordination. Gain a sense of accomplishment using basic techniques. Add color to your creations with glaze and see how the kiln works its magic.

Developing Hand & Wheel
If you want to try it all and don’t mind getting your hands dirty, this is the class. Increase patience and coordination. Gain a sense of accomplishment using basic handbuilding and wheelthrowing techniques and tools. Add color to your creations with glaze and see how the kiln works its magic.

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