MAC – Multnomah Arts Center Classes


Well, in 1973, some changes began to take shape in Multnomah. Under the new directorship of Will Hathaway, the Multnomah Community Center was renamed the Multnomah Community Design Center. The focus changed from sports-related activities to arts and crafts, which were more suited to the space and layout of the building. A new approach to programmed instruction was introduced: self-sustaining instructors (classes pay for themselves). Self-sustaining classes allowed a wider variety of classes and instruction, rather than depending on staff skills alone. By winter term of 1974, along with those classes which were staff-instructed, the center was offering twenty-one different classes taught with the help of self-sustaining instructors.

In 1973 the first adult ceramics classes migrated to the reorganized center from the Children’s Museum and were relocated in the building’s basement. In 1975 boxing, having insufficient participation, was dropped from the Center’s offerings. This allowed more space for pottery, and a potter-in-residence position was established. Also in 1973 part of the Park Bureau weaving program moved to the Center from The Little Loom House near the St. John’s Community Center. Dance and music programs were begun on a small scale.

In 1977 Leo Franz joined the staff of the Center. The following year the name was changed to Multnomah Art Center (MAC). By 1979, MAC had a faculty of 30 self-sustaining instructors offering 70 different courses. The Center was expanding fast. Luckily a new building only one block away presented itself.

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