MAC – Multnomah Arts Center Events

The Ray Trayle Print Prize Tenth Anniversary

 • Friday, June 28th at 6pm – 8pm

The Ray Trayle Print Prize Tenth Anniversary will be held in MAC’s Trayle Print Studio (Cottage 6) on the west end of campus. The public is invited. Free.

This year’s honoree is renowned Portland printmaker,
Tom Prochaska.

Tom Prochaska

Ray Trayle’s legacy as master press builder and mentor inspires the prize. Ray passed away this past year at the age of 92. “Like Ray Trayle himself, Tom is an inspiration to printmakers, a living example of qualities we hold in high regard and strive to encourage with this prize. Printmaking is an artistic discipline with many skilled and respected practitioners, all of whom we wish to honor and recognize. It is in you, Tom, where we find the very vessel for what we seek and treasure. You stand out as an inspiration for all. With this prize, we honor you. For in the spirit of generosity similar to Ray Trayle himself, you inspire the best in both human and artistic endeavors by helping others and creating work of artistic excellence.”

This is a MAC sponsored event. Meet prominent Portland printmakers and educators while viewing our new printmaking studio.

For Information and Links to Trayle Studio pictures Ray Trayle facebook group or contact Nicole Rawlins.