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MAC – Multnomah Arts Center Events

“Over the Cliff Notes” on Macbeth

The Shakespeare Liberation Army in partnership with Multnomah Arts Center presents a FREE, all ages show…


“Over The Cliff Notes” on


An educational summary and discussion of the thought and action with a concise interpretation of the work’s artistic merits and its significance… sort of.

If you don’t get Shakespeare, you will now, whether you want to or not!

    Featuring MAC Faculty:

  • Timothy Scarrott
  • Dawn Panttaja
  • Aimé Kelly
  • Robert Power-Drutis
  • William Lund III
    • October 5th • 7 pm

      For more information call: 503.823.2787

      Shakespeare Liberation Army’s in-school residency project,
      “Over the Cliff Notes on Macbeth,” made possible through a grant from the Office of Neighborhood Involvement, Southwest Neighborhoods Inc., and MACA.