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Donations Keep Portland Parks & Recreation Metalworking Classes Cooking

Portland Parks & Recreation’s Multnomah Arts Center (MAC) is benefitting from a generous donation to its jewelry and metalworking classes.  Tom Temple, an artist from Bend, gave specialized equipment and tools worth $20,000 to the MAC’s metal arts program.

The retired teacher dropped by the Multnomah Arts Center last summer.

“I was looking for a school where my tools and equipment would enhance their metalworking program,” says Temple.  “MAC had an environment that was welcoming, encouraging, and where students feel safe to take risks and explore their unique designs.  Excellent instruction was demonstrated by the quality and fine craftsmanship in the many types of student work on display.”

Thanks to Temple and his wife, Phillis, MAC’s metal arts program now has five dedicated soldering stations and four dedicated kilns.  The Multnomah Arts Center also now has a greatly enhanced collection of tools, books, and supplies as part of the Temples’ generosity.  Students learn various techniques, such as casting metal objects from wax forms, enameling metals, creating metal jewelry, and fusing glass in a variety of artistic ways.  All instruction is provided by professional teaching artists.

“This donation has made a significant impact on our ability to teach the art of metalsmithing,” says Michael Walsh, Executive Director of the Multnomah Arts Center.  “We can now serve more students at the same time, which helps keep class fees more affordable.  We can also teach to a higher level of expertise because of a more complete studio.”

The good news for MAC didn’t stop with the Temples’ generosity.  Tom and Phillis’ gift spurred additional giving to MAC’s metal arts program.  The center’s all-volunteer non-profit partner, the Multnomah Arts Center Association, donated $10,000 to improve classroom space.  The investments were quickly followed by another $3,000 in-kind donation from Fred Meyer Jewelers.

MAC finished a major remodeling effort this winter to allow students access to all of the new equipment.

“Our instructors have reported that student feedback about these changes has been overwhelmingly positive, and there is new enthusiasm about MAC’s metal studio in the greater Portland community,” adds Walsh.

The Multnomah Arts Center offers more than a dozen different classes in metal arts every term for both youth and adults.

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